Homelessness from the private rented sector

Dr Chris O’Leary is a specialist in public policy and is a senior lecturer in the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit.  Much of his work before joining PERU was around modelling need and demand in terms of multiple needs, prevention and integration of services. Chris also teaches on social policy and evidence-based policy within the Department of Sociology.

In the link below Chris gives his expert insight on the key policy points, challenges, research findings, and an overall conclusion into links between homelessness and the private rented sector.

As Chris explains, the number of households accepted by local authorities as homeless has been rising since 2009. The group that has experienced the greatest increase are those households whose last settled home was lost following the end of an assured short-hold tenancy in the private rented sector. The number of such households has grown in absolute terms – from 4580 acceptances in 2009 to 16,320 acceptances in 2017, and as a proportion of all acceptances, from eleven percent to twenty eight percent.

Click here to read Dr Chris O’Leary – Homelessness from the private rented sector

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