Professor Heinz Tuselmann


Heinz is a Professor in International Business at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and the Director of the Centre for International Business and Innovation (CIBI). He is Chair of the Academy of International Business (UK & Ireland Chapter) and initiator and Lead Chair of the newly formed International Business Northwest Consortium of MMU, Manchester University and Liverpool University. He has been involved in several high level Expert Group Meetings at the United Nations (UNCTAD) on Investment for Development.


“My core research areas focusses on the role of inward investment, foreign direct investment (FDI) upgrading and strategies of multinational companies (MNC) on national, regional and local development and industrial upgrading, including the implications for policy-makers and national, regional and international organisations. This international collaborative research programme is based on large-scale representative surveys of foreign owned subsidiaries and their parent companies in major FDI countries, and received funding by inter alia British Academy, Hans-Böckler-Foundation, Danish Centre for Excellence, Deutsche Bank Foundation.“


“The work and its policy implications has been widely disseminated in the research user communities, such as several briefing papers and written evidence to the various UNCTAD high level meetings but also regionally as such UK Trade and Invest Northwest England and MIDAS. This centres in particular on ‘MNC Assisted Sustainable Economic Development: Upgrading Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) towards Higher Value Added Activities (HVA) and Productive Capacity Building’.”


“The Chancellor’s Fellowship is to build on this work and to accelerate its policy impact. I will spend the Fellowship period as Visiting Academic Expert at the Investment and Enterprise Division of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and as member of the UNCTAD team at the United Nations UNCTAD in Geneva. My policy impact programme during this time at UNCTAD is ‘Investment Policies and Policies for Productive Capacity Building to Harness and Deepen Inward Investment for Sustainable Development and Industrial Upgrading in the Context of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals’. This is to contribute to UNCTAD policy, programmes and initiatives. In particular, I aim to contribute to an evidence-based further development of UNCTAD’s ‘New Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development’, which is adopted by many developing countries in guiding their national development policies and programmes. Besides designing policy options regards investment promotion and protection to support and harness inward investment upgrading for sustainable development and industrial up-grading, this will also include policy guidelines for host countries to harness FDI for productive capacity, such as ‘new’ industrial policies, human resources and skills development policies, enterprise development policies”


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