Dr Chris O’Leary

Chris is a specialist in public policy, senior lecturer and Director of the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU).

He is responsible for managing a number of research projects, providing leadership on the design and delivery of research and evaluation projects around public sector reform and its impact on social policy design, implementation and delivery. He manages projects that involve multidisciplinary teams (often in collaboration with academics and practitioners within and outside PERU) and mixed methods research methods. Much of his work before joining PERU was around modelling need and demand in terms of multiple needs, prevention and integration of services. Chris also teaches on social policy and evidence-based policy within the Department of Sociology.

Chris had a successful career as a civil servant and in applied policy research before he entered academia in 2010. He completed his PhD in Public Policy at King’s College, London, which examined the motivations and interests of various actors in the policy process around the regulation of professions, using a mixed methods design. Outside of academia, Chris enjoyed a successful career in public and private sectors delivering social policy research and consultancy