Online Resources

Below are a list of useful online resources that will assist researchers in creating policy impact, from how to best engage with policy makers, and more generally, utilizing social media and writing blog posts.

Engaging with Parliament and policy makers

Engaging with Parliament: what is good Select Committee evidence? – Victoria Honour (LSE Impact Blog)

Who might be interested in my research? – Parliament

How does the UK Parliament and academia interact? – Parliament

How is research used in Parliament? – Parliament

Writing a Policy Brief – The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)

Giving evidence in Parliament: summing it up with ten top tips for academics – Patrick Hanley (LSE Impact Blog)

Essential Guide: Nine way research gets into Parliament – Sarah Foxen (LSE Impact blog)

Giving evidence in Parliament: training and support to engage with select committees – Patrick Hanley (LSE Impact Blog)

How academics can engage with policy: 10 tips for a better conversation – Matthew Goodwin (The Guardian)

Guide to working with policy makers – Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement

Influencing Policymakers – ESRC

Engaging with academics: how to further strengthen open policy making – Government Office for Science (this guide gives the view point from the other side of the researcher/policy maker exchange!)

Guide for witnesses giving written or oral evidence to a House of Commons select committee – House of Commons

How To plan, write and communicate an effective Policy Brief – Research to Action

Getting your research into policymaking: make it visible, compatible and accessible – Dr. Lindsay Stringer and Prof. Andy Dougill (Fast Track Impact)

Top ways researchers achieve policy impact – Sarah Buckmaster and Prof. Mark Reed (Fast Track Impact)

How to make a policy brief that has real impact – Rosmarie Katrin Neumann and Prof. Mark Reed (Fast Track Impact)

Introduction to the UK Policy Lab (UK Policy Lab) /Openpolicymaking/policy-lab-slide-share-introduction-final


Utilizing social media

The four great myths about using social media as a researcher – Prof. Mark Reed (Fast Track Impact)

By engaging with the media academics can enjoy benefits to their research – Iain Begg (LSE Impact blog)

The A to Z of social media for academia – Times Higher Education

How to increase your impact with academic social media – ‘TheLitCritGuy’ (The Guardian)

An antidote to futility: Why academics (and students) should take blogging / social media seriously – Duncan Green (LSE Impact blog)


Writing blog posts

How to write a blogpost from your journal article in eleven easy steps – Patrick Dunleavy (LSE Impact blog)

Academic blogging – 10 top tips – Tom Crick and Alan Winfield (The Guardian)