Manchester as Cosmopolis: Global Migration in a Changing UK


Wed 10th May, 2017, 09:00 – 15:30

70 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 5NH

Manchester has a long history of migration both local and global, transforming its culture, economy and the city. This event will be a One Day Symposium on Global Migration to put forth a number of perspectives on how global skilled migration affects the local economy and society in the context of devolution, public spending and policy choices.

Discussions will focus on the consequences of Brexit and the changing public attitudes to migrants and migration in the UK which has never been so challenging and with far reaching impact on our local economy and work, multi-cultural lives and social integration.

This event is also timely in the context of India’s 70th Year of Independence Celebrations, as the Northwest has seen a tremendous inflow of Commonwealth immigrant wave(s) from the Indian subcontinent for many decades.

  • Includes key note by Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, The University of Columbia
  • Introduction by Professor Jennifer Watling | Pro-Vice-Chancellor International
  • Presentation of papers on aspects of skilled migration and its impact on the local economy and society by Dr Chiara Manzoni, Institute for Employment Studies (IES), London; Professor Kevin Albertson and Dr Shoba Arun, MMU.
  • Panel Sessions with global Mancunian voices including Ferdousi Shahria, Assistant High Commissioner, Bangladesh Assistant High Commission; Anasudhin Azeez, Asian Lite Newspaper; Norman Musa, Young Asian & Oriental Chef of the Year Winner, Ning Restaurant, Norther Quarter; Andrew Spinoza, SMV Communications and Avni Vyas, Manchester Bhavan for Indian Arts and Culture.

For more information and registration, see here:

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