Addressing Homelessness: Reducing-Preventing-Ending

08:30-16:15, Tues 19 September, 2017

The Hive, 51 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN

Open Forum Events is hosting the Addressing Homelessness: Reducing-Preventing-Ending conference which will look to analyse the current trends in the prevalence of homelessness and the causes perpetuating them, whilst providing valuable insight into overcoming the challenges of providing homes for all.

With the focus on prevention, the government has pledged £40m to support people from becoming homeless in the first instance, rather than having to deal with the consequences once people find themselves without a place they can call home. A further £48m is being provided to support councils to deliver the Homeless Reduction Bill which is progressing through parliament and will mean anyone at risk of losing their home, not just those in vulnerable groups, will get the help they need more quickly. The housing white paper sets out measures to combat the housing shortage and recognises that high rents and costs in the private sector is putting more people at risk of becoming homeless. These are some of the initiatives at national governmental level, however, at ground level there are many local projects that are working with individuals to improve their circumstances.

The Addressing Homelessness: Reducing-Preventing-Ending conference agenda will seek to share understanding and strategic thinking of the homeless situation in the UK and will highlight issues of particular concern such as; the increasing occurrence of youth homelessness, the risks and consequences of modern day slavery and the factors impacting on health in the homeless community. The programme will feature plenary addresses from those at the forefront of tackling homelessness covering the evidence, causes and impacts, whilst examples of successful interventions and projects will be showcased as possible long term solutions which delegates’ own organisations may benefit from adopting. There will be ample opportunity for all participants and contributors to discuss, question and debate the issues throughout the day.

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