Social Innovation Innovative Social Investment: Reforming public services

Thu 22nd June – Friday 23rd June, 2017

Manchester Metropolitan University

M15 6BH

Manchester Metropolitan University is leading a Horizon2020 project Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening Communities in Europe. This project comes to an end in October 2017. The Manchester team is convening a UK seminar to explore some of the themes that have emerged from the project and that are of particular interest to the UK. The seminar will focus on public service reform and in particular two issues: first, innovative approaches to financing and resourcing public services; and secondly, the concept of personalisation and its role in public service reform. The seminar includes speakers from the UK and Europe.

On the afternoon of the 22nd June we discuss Financial and resourcing innovation in social investment. Papers cover Social Impact Bonds, co-operatives and new innovations in financing public services.

On the morning of the 23rd June we discuss Personalisation in the reform of public services

Speakers come from across the UK and Europe and include academics and policy-makers.

The event is invite only but a small number of places are available. In this instance, please contact Paula Sergeant.

Innovative Social Investment Seminar agenda

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