Workshop on SMEs in a changing Europe: Borders, markets and regulation

Tue, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, May 30, 2017

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Oxford Road


M15 6BH


Much is expected of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Europe for the economic development, wealth and sustainability of regions. Immediately after the referendum, confidence among the UK’s smaller businesses fell to its lowest point for several years. Since then confidence has since risen again driven largely by the effect of the weak pound in boosting exports.Yet there is much uncertainty about processes and the consequences of leaving the European Union. This workshop is inspired by an SME-focused referendum event held in Manchester in May 2016 which brought together business leaders, policy makers and academics in a group of 200 to debate EU issues for business.


Our aim is to share research based insights into issues that have become important in the light of Brexit for small business growth and sustainability


In order to encourage discussion and the sharing of experience and learning, brief expert presentations will be supplemented with facilitated, task-based activities and there will be an emphasis on opportunity for questions and networking. This workshop is the first of a series of events in Manchester and London on the economic implications of Brexit for SMEs, part of the ESRC funded UK in a Changing Europe[] initiative to promote information, insights and analysis about UK-EU relations.

Confirmed contributors

Dimitrios Syrrakos: Innovation, exporting and exchange rates

Kevin Albertson: Funding mechanisms and infrastructure

Damian Mather: Moving from EU to UK directives and regulations

Carol Atkinson: Skills and workforce after Brexit


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