MetroPolis associate Dr Chris O’Leary to speak at Homelessness event

Acting Director and MetroPolis associate Dr Chris O’Leary will present his research into homelessness within the private rented sector at ‘Addressing Homelessness: Reducing-Preventing-Ending’ on the 17th of September. 

His session is titled “Understanding the underlying causes of homelessness in the private rented sector: evidence from a mixed methods research project”. 

“The number of people who state that the end of their private rented sector tenancy was followed by an episode of homeless has increased in recent years. Rupps (2008), undertaking research at the height of the financial crisis and using data from the homeless charity Shelter, estimates that fifteen per cent of tenancy terminations were followed by an episode of homelessness. Drawing on local authority data on statutory homelessness presentations, the Department of Communities and Local Government believes that over thirty percent of terminations are now followed by an episode of homelessness (DCLG, 2016). Are these accurate and comparable estimates of the levels of homelessness in former private rented sector tenants? What might explain this increase? What factors might be material? Do (a) differences in the types of accommodation accessed; (b) whether the tenancy was the outcome of referral by a local authority; (c) types of landlords and whether the tenant had previous experience of homelessness, matter? What might we learn from data and evidence around the risks, causes and trigger events for homelessness more generally, and how homelessness can be prevented or its duration and impact reduced? I will present findings from a piece of mixed methods research commissioned by the Residential Landlords’ Association to understand the underlying causes of homelessness in the private rented sector. The research draws on interviews with key stakeholders, a survey of landlords, secondary data analysis and work with homeless former private rented sector tenants.”

Other speakers include representatives from the Booth Centre, Shelter, the CLGC, Homeless Link, Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, among others.

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