Prime Minister calls a General Election and everything we thought we knew is now up in the air

  By Michael Taylor At a meeting with senior advisors to Prime Minister Theresa May recently we were assured that this was a leader that made careful decisions in the national interest. She doesn’t react to events with an eye … Continue reading

A Communication Lacking in Engagement

By Sam Illingworth Last week the Science and Technology Committee (STC) published their report on Science communication and engagement, which came after a prolonged Science communication inquiry. This inquiry considered many written pieces of evidence from experts, either in written … Continue reading

The diary of a bargaining chip

  By Eva Duda-Mikulin Today, we witness a historical moment, the triggering of Article 50. As an EU national living in the UK who also does research on women migrants in the UK, this is a particularly important day as … Continue reading

Why do disabled people fear Brexit?

  By Katherine Runswick-Cole Why did over 50 Peers, MPs, academics and activists, including me, write to The Times newspaper on the 6thJune, 2016 to explain why Brexit would pose huge risks to disabled people now and in the future? … Continue reading

Justice Devolution: An opportunity for Greater Manchester

By Chris Fox For those of us in interested in public policy when we hear mention of ‘Manchester’ our first thought over the last year or so has tended to be ‘devolution’. While devolution in health and social care is … Continue reading

When is a scandal, not a scandal?

  By Katherine Runswick-Cole, Professor of Critical Disability Studies & Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University   “Scandals do not just happen. They are made. They are constructed out of such everyday tragedies as the small carelessnesses and institutional brutality of the … Continue reading

New types of Towns – Latest IPM Report

Adopting new activity-based classifications of town and city centres are key to combatting decline. Researchers at Cardiff and Manchester Metropolitan universities, using data from Springboard, have identified four types of town centre based on their footfall activity.     Visit … Continue reading

Sexual health and sexual well-being: not an irrelevance to older people

By Dr. David Lee, University of Manchester and Professor Josie Tetley, Manchester Metropolitan University In our current review of sexual health and well-being in later life we have reflected on the fact that romantic love and relationships are something that most … Continue reading

“Peeling back the label” Food Regulation in a Post-Brexit UK

By Ajay Patel and Tristan Dew   On June 23 2016, Britain voted by 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the EU. The prime minister promises that we are indeed leaving: “Brexit means Brexit”, and she has created a Department for … Continue reading

What happens when women have to travel: abortion, care and lessons from Ireland

By Deirdre Duffy and Claire Pierson The incoming administration under Donald Trump suggests that constitutional protections on women’s ‘right to choose’ in the US may soon be rolled back. The Vice-President and senior administration members campaigned on anti-abortion platforms. To … Continue reading