About MetroPolis

A research-led think tank

MetroPolis connects practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

There are many challenges facing our world today including meeting the needs of an ageing population, tackling youth unemployment, reducing poverty and inequality and responding to climate change. At the same time governments are looking to reduce spending, citizens want a more personalised public service and trust in politicians and institutions is falling. Manchester Metropolitan University has researchers working on these and many other policy issues. We are part of the largest Higher Education campus in the UK with more than 200 researchers rated ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’. MMU is 53rd in the UK research power rankings (an aggregate of the volume and quality of research).

Our Vision:

Our research in diverse fields emphasises the potential for personal and community empowerment to address the pressing social, technical and economic challenges that we face. We want social and economic policy that shares the benefits of growth across all levels of society and that protects and nurtures all individuals and communities. Our approach is to use diverse sources of evidence to challenge lazy stereotyping and to inform the development of research-led policy.

MetroPolis promotes evidence-informed policy based on MMU’s world-class research.